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What is RTD

RTD™ - Creates An Optimal Environment for Wound Healing.

What is RTD™ Wound Dressing?

RTD™ is a proprietary highly absorbent antimicrobial foam with Methylene Blue (0.25 mg/g), Gentian Violet (0.25 mg/g) and Silver Sodium Zirconium Phosphate. (7 mg/g) RTD™ maintains a moist micro-enviroment that is conducive to wound healing.

Indications for Use:

RTD™ Wound Dressing is indicated for the treatment of partial to full thickness wounds with light to heavy exudate, and has demonstrated effectiveness for pressure ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

RTD™ Features and Benefits

Active ingredients: Silver, Methylene Blue and Gentian Violet

  • Draws protein rich exudate away from wound; creates a favorable wound healing environment

  • Effective antimicrobial and antifungal properties; reduces bacterial load

  • Early and sustained antimicrobial protection; helps prevent biofilm

  • Analgesic; significant pain reduction reported

  • Non-cytotoxic; use throughout the continuum of care

  • Cost effective; reduces healing time; use up to 3 days

Proprietary technology: Active ingredients are integrated into foam matrix

  • Open cell structure; wicks exudate vertically

  • Holds 15 x its weight in exudate.

  • Active ingredients are tightly bound to the foam

  • Regulates wound bed moisture; little to no maceration

Polyurethane foam is soft pliable and surface conforming:

  • Easy to use. Ready to apply.

  • Does not require hydration prior to use

  • Can be easily cut to size

  • Versatile; can be used for multiple wound types

RTD™ Mechanism of Action

Methylene Blue

  • Strong affinity for dead cells not viable cells

  • Strong Cation: draws negatively charged bacteria

  • Attracts protein rich exudate (bacteria and dead tissue) into the dressing

Gentian Violet

  • Attacks gram(-) and gram(+) bacteria

  • Antibacterial and Antifungal

  • Analgesic

Silver Ion

  • Silver ions (Ag+) are released in the presence of exudate

  • Amount of Silver ions released are proportionate to the amount of exudate

  • Silver ion (Ag+) binds to bacterial cells

  • Penetrates and kills gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria

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